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The City of St. Charles is a motivated partner in helping to preserve our existing downtown building stock, fill vacancies, and attract new businesses to St. Charles.  To assist with these efforts the City Council has created the Downtown Business Economic Incentive Program.  This program is designed to help both new businesses locating to St.

Thinking of Remodeling?

City of St Charles NewsIf you’re planning a home remodeling project, a building permit gives you legal permission to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. Read more »

Spring Trees Arriving Soon!

With the promise of warmer days approaching, the Public Works Department is busy preparing to plant new and replacement parkway trees in the City right-of-way. Weather permitting; Spring Planting will begin in early April with more than 200 trees to be planted! 

New trees are planted in several phases, please be aware of the few reminders below Read more »

Local Flood Awareness

St. Charles generally has not experienced wide spread damage due to flooding. However, there are local flood hazard areas throughout Kane County. Flooding from the Fox River, Ferson Creek, State Street Creek, 7th Avenue Creek, and Norton Creek usually can be forecast in advance. However, flash flooding along these rivers and numerous tributaries to these waterways may occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

City of St Charles News Read more »

Welcome New Businesses


Clear Perspective Advisors - Financial Advisors, 202 W. Main St.,630-780-1710

Farmer's Insurance - Lynn Cullick Agency 210 S. 5th St., 630-549-7711               Read more »

Keep your Sanitary Sewer Line Clear

Anytime you turn on a faucet in your home, run the dishwasher or flush a toilet, that water runs out of your sanitary sewer line (lateral) and into the City sewer. According to our City Sewer Use Ordinance, the lateral is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and repair, and therefore it is important to remember a few things. Read more »

2015 Spring Hydrant Flushing Finishes in May

City of St Charles NewsRegular maintenance of the City’s water distribution system includes annual hydrant flushing. Flushing, opening hydrants to allow water to flow rapidly through them, improves water quality and minimizes mineral build-up in the water mains. Hydrant flushing also ensures that hydrants are ready for emergency use. Read more »

2015 Brush Pick-Up Schedule

The Brush Pick Up program is conducted from April to October. Only City of St. Charles residents who pay a monthly fee on their utility bill are eligible. To find out if you are eligible for the program, review your City utility bill for the fee, input your address in My Neighborhood on the City website, or call Utility Billing at 630.377.4426 for verification.

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From the Mayor’s Desk

With Phase 3 of First Street gearing up this spring, I would like to thank past mayors, Sue Klinkhamer and Don DeWitte, past city administrators Larry Maholland and Brian Townsend, numerous alderman past and present, a large number of city staff and legal counsel for their collective vision and expertise. I know the First Street LLC II team will work with the city to produce a final product that we can view with pride.

April is National Safe Digging Month

Always call 811 to locate underground utilities before starting any project that requires digging.


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