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2014 Leaf Collection Program

leaf collection map2014 Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

Check the 2014 Leaf Collection Map and Schedule above for boundaries, schedule and availability. Read more »

2014 Leaf Pick Up Schedule

It's almost time to rake falling leaves again. Leaf pick up begins October 28 and runs through November 26. This year's schedule will follow an East/West schedule similar to the City's brush pick up program. There will be a total of three pickups for the season. Read more »

Fall Trees will be Planted Soon

Approximately 400 parkway trees were ordered last month as part of the City’s 50/50 Parkway Tree Program. We will begin planting the trees in early October. In preparation for the planting season, the contractor will begin marking white hash marks on the curbs indicating where the trees will be planted. Most newly planted trees will be fitted with a gator bag to provide a slow drip of water to the roots. In addition, the contractor has begun to remove the gator bags off any trees that were planted in the spring.  Read more »

Guidelines for Draining a Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool is filled with chlorinated water. Chlorinated water discharged directly to surface water (wetlands, lakes, streams, and rivers), roadways or storm sewers has an adverse impact on local water quality. High concentrations of chlorine are toxic to wildlife and fish. Safe pool draining recommendations: Read more »

Brush Pick Up Schedule

East Side                                   West Side

Sept. 15                                              Sept. 22 Read more »

Watering Newly Planted Trees

Did you receive a new tree in the parkway in front of your home this spring? The City works to minimize transplant shock for new trees and promote healthy plantings in several ways:

• New trees are planted with the trunk flare a few inches above grade. The trunk flare is where the trunk expands at the base of the tree. This point should be partially visible after the tree has been planted. If the tree is planted too deep, new roots will have difficulty developing because of a lack of oxygen. Read more »

Fall 50/50 Parkway Tree Program

The City again is offering trees for planting in the parkway this fall for the “50/50 Parkway Tree Planting Program.” Contact  the  Public  Works  Department to request a review of your parkway  if you are interested. Parkways must be reviewed  and approved  for planting before an order will be placed. Please do not send payment now. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation letter, order form, and details on how to order. Orders must be placed by Aug. 1, 2014. Read more »

2014 Street/Utility Maintenance Schedule

The City’s annual road and infrastructure maintenance program is underway. Crews from Hardin Paving Services will repair water mains and storm and sanitary sewer systems, in addition to street repair. The project will be completed in three phases: Phase I-Underground Utility Work, Phase II-Street Rehabilitation, and Phase III- Parkway Restoration. Work is expected to be complete by August 15, 2014. See work locations here. Read more »

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