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2014 Leaf Collection Program

leaf collection map2014 Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

Check the 2014 Leaf Collection Map and Schedule above for boundaries, schedule and availability. Read more »

2015 Spring Hydrant Flushing Finishes in May

City of St Charles NewsRegular maintenance of the City’s water distribution system includes annual hydrant flushing. Flushing, opening hydrants to allow water to flow rapidly through them, improves water quality and minimizes mineral build-up in the water mains. Hydrant flushing also ensures that hydrants are ready for emergency use. Read more »

2015 Brush Pick-Up Schedule

The Brush Pick Up program is conducted from April to October. Only City of St. Charles residents who pay a monthly fee on their utility bill are eligible. To find out if you are eligible for the program, review your City utility bill for the fee, input your address in My Neighborhood on the City website, or call Utility Billing at 630.377.4426 for verification.

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6 Tips to Prepare for Blackouts

City of St Charles NewsWith spring comes the threat of nasty storms. Prepare now in case of a power outage with these tips from the National Preparedness Community. Read more »

Street Sweeping Schedule for 2015

City of St Charles NewsThe City sweeps its streets to remove debris. Besides keeping our streets clean, sweeping also helps eliminate potential pollutants from entering the storm sewer system. Read more »

Prepare Now for Spring Storms

City of St Charles NewsHarsh weather sometimes means unavoidable springtime power-outages. If your power goes out: Read more »

No Spring Clean Up This Year

There is no citywide Spring Clean Up program this year. The next Spring Clean Up is anticipated for 2016, subject to council approval. As an alternative, you may want to participate in the park district’s Communitywide Garage Sale April 24 & 25. 

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Brush Collection Resumes in April

The first collection will be April 20 for the East Side and April 27 for the West Side. The complete schedule is at

Curbside yard waste collection resumes April 6 as well.

Look out for dangerous ice

City of St Charles NewsThe St. Charles Fire Department would like to remind everyone of the dangers of walking on ice-covered bodies of water. Ice thickness and stability are never guaranteed. In fact, there is simply no such thing as “safe ice.” Many unseen conditions and dynamics can impact the ice stability such as:

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Keep Your Water Pipes from Freezing

Public Works receives a lot of questions about how to “winterize” water pipes. You may need to winterize your water service if your home will be vacant (due to a move, sale, extended vacation, etc.) or when home renovations require shutting the water off.

Here are a few suggestions to avoid frozen pipes: Read more »

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