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Fire Safety Public Education

In keeping with long standing fire service tradition, the Saint Charles Fire Department holds a high regard for engaging, equipping, and teaching the public. Every member of the department participates in public education.

The public education team members are responsible for developing and implementing programs as well as teaching. We offer programs and classes such as elementary school assemblies, the Vial of Life program, CPR certification, and fire extinguisher training. For a full list of educational offerings and how to participate, please visit the public education link.

Public Education Team Members:

Lt. Tarro, (Team Leader)
Lt. Pyzyna, (Assistant Team Leader)                  
Captain J. Peterson
Lt. Neumaier
Lt. Lo
Lt. Galliano
FF/PM Thomas
FF/PM Tinsley
FF/PM Siwy
FF/PM Sulak
FF/PM Paus
FF/PM Funk