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Benefits for the Employees of the City of St. Charles

The City of St. Charles is committed to providing opportunities for employees and their families to support and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. This is achieved through offering a variety of benefits and resources. The main objectives of the benefit program and the pieces that are in place to support it are as follows:

1. Educate employees and their families on how to achieve and maintain excellent physical and mental health.

  • Medical, Dental, and Prescription Plans
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Work/Life Assistance Program
  • Wellness Fair
  • Discounts on Health Club Memberships
  • Wellness Program
  • Employee Benefits Information on City Intranet.

2. Provide a safe work environment and promote safe work practices.

  • Safety Training
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Wellness Program

3. Provide tools for employees and their families to obtain financial security.

  • Retirement Pension Program
  • 457 Deferred Compensation and Roth
  • Life Insurance
  • College Savings Program
  • Progressive Compensation Structure
  • Wellness Programs

The City of St. Charles encourages employees and their families to participate in all benefit opportunities available to them to be healthier, safer and more financially secure.

updated Jan 31, 2012