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Emergency Preparedness

Mother nature can be just as fierce as she is gentle. We are reminded of this when an earthquake and terrible tragedy occurred in Haiti, along with the much smaller, but still serious earthquake here in Illinois that hit very close to home. These events left many of us asking the question, “How can our families and our community better prepare in the case of an emergency?”

The City of St. Charles recommends's emergency planning guide and preparedness kits to help businesses, residents and their families to be better prepared for all types of emergencies ranging from a tornado to a bioterrorism event. offers advice on how to make an emergency plan, put together a preparedness kit, and gives basic information on what to do before, during and after any public emergency.

Although we cannot always prevent emergencies, there are many things we can do to be better prepared as individuals, families and as a community. Preparedness is not stationary--it is a process that requires frequent attention to potential hazards around us. Take a moment and read these guides. Make a plan and assist others, such as senior citizens and others in need, to help them be better prepared for an emergency.

updated Dec 01, 2022