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Structure Fire 1809 Cambridge Drive

At 2:22 P.M. on Sunday, the St. Charles Fire Department was dispatched to a reported fire in an attached garage at 1809 Cambridge Drive. Firefighters were on the scene by 2:27 and found a small fire in the garage. The homeowner had extinguished most of the fire before firefighters arrived on the scene. Firefighters extinguished the remaining fire, checked for any fire extension and ventilated smoke. There were three occupants at home at the time of the fire and all three were checked by paramedics. None required transport to the hospital. There were no injuries to firefighters.

Notice of Nominating Petition Filings for the April 2, 2019, Consolidated Election

Following is a list of candidates who filed Nominating Petition packets in the City Administrator’s/City Clerk  Office as of 5 p.m. Monday, December 17, 2018:

            Daniel P. Stellato (1348 Midway Avenue, St. Charles)         Ward 1

            Rita A. Payleitner (629 N. Tyler Road, St. Charles)               Ward 2

St. Charles Police Releases Holiday Enforcement Numbers

The St. Charles Police conducted additional traffic enforcement Dec. 17–Jan. 2, reminding motorists to buckle up and not drive impaired, day or night, as part of the nationwide Click It or Ticket/Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over enforcement effort. The St. Charles Police joined other state and local law enforcement agencies across Illinois to reduce highway deaths by issuing citations to unbuckled motorists and arresting impaired drivers. 

During the 16 day mobilization, St. Charles Police issued:

Discourage Coyotes from Making Your Neighborhood their Home

We can expect an increase in coyote sightings between now and February as young coyotes leave their parents in search of mates and territories to call their own. And, with the onset of winter, coyotes are more willing to venture out of their rural or wooded habitats and into residential areas in search of food and shelter.

While coyotes are unlikely to attack humans, they can become more aggressive if they find an area that suits their needs and they want to defend it. Tips for keeping coyotes from settling in your neighborhood: