Charlestowne Mall Redevelopment

Current Status

The City was recently informed that Urban Street Group, who had been under contract to purchase the mall property for redevelopment, has decided not to proceed with acquiring the property.

The City is currently in discussions with the owner, Krausz Companies, and other prospective developers that are interested in the site.

Any redevelopment plan for the property will begin with a Concept Plan application. The Concept Plan review process enables developers to obtain informal feedback from City officials and the public before spending time and money to prepare detailed plans. The conclusion of the Concept Plan review is not a decision by the City, but simply information that the developer can use to decide whether to pursue the project further.  If the developer decides to proceed and a zoning change is proposed, all owners of property within 250 feet of the site will be notified regarding the time and place for the Plan Commission’s required public hearing.

Past Concept Plan - SR Jacobson

A Concept Plan for redevelopment of Charlestowne Mall was  presented by residential developer S.R. Jacobson Development Corp. and commercial developer Lormax Stern Development Company, LLC.  Based on the feedback received, SR Jacobson decided not to proceed with the project.

Version 1 of the Concept Plan was reviewed at the meeting of the Plan Commission- October 5, 2021. A revised Concept Plan, "Version 2", was reviewed by the Plan Commission on January 4, 2022.  Planning & Development Committee reviewed the Concept Plan on January 10, 2022


For more information on the project, please contact the Community & Economic Development Department at (630) 377-4443.