Senior Citizen Information

The St. Charles Fire Department, with help from local businesses, offers these senior safety services:

home safetyThe Home Safety Program offers seniors free smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, along with a free home safety check. St. Charles firefighters will install the detectors as needed and perform the home safety check. A home safety check consists of looking for fire hazards and making recommendations to eliminate the hazards.

vial of lifeThe “Vial of Life” Program is a nationwide program designed to assist emergency rescue teams in medical treatment in the event that a senior is found alone and unconscious or unable to communicate. A medical data form containing vital information, such as allergies, medications, contacts, etc., is inserted into a vial and kept in the top right hand shelf of the refrigerator door. The Vial of Life kit is free.

For more information, contact the St. Charles Fire Department at 630.377.4458. 

These programs are made available by the following local businesses: Walmart and System Sensor.

updated Jan 25, 2022