Public Trees/Urban Forestry

Tree City USA Logo The City of St. Charles Streets Division maintains all trees in the right of way or the area commonly known as “the parkway.” The parkway is the area between the sidewalk or lot line and the curb.

The City has every right-of way tree inventoried by size, location and species. The City inspects, monitors, trims and fertilizes as needed. The City also has a pest management program if appropriate and approves
removals when necessary.

Per City Code 12.20.060 only city crews or crews contracted by the City may perform these tasks. If any work needs to be performed residents are asked to call (630) 377-4405 to have a work order made up. If a right-of way tree does have to be removed the City will replace it, in accordance with City specifications. The City also offers a 50/50 tree share program to fill some of the city’s 1,000 plus “open” planting sites.

For more information, please contact our Public Works office at (630) 377-4405.

updated Dec 14, 2020