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City of St. Charles Tax Facts

Real Estate Tax Information

  • The City's Portion of Property Taxes:  Approximately 10.3% of the total property tax bill.

  • For example, in 2023, a resident in a $300,000 home pays about $775 in property taxes to the City to help pay for critical services such as police, fire and public works.

  • City Property Tax Rate: $0.824488. The rate reflects the 2023 levy year payable in 2024.

  • City of St. Charles Equalized Assessed Value (EAV): $1,772,349,777 (or about $5.3 billion estimated actual value; 9 straight years of growth).

Sales Tax Information

  • Total General Merchandise Sales Tax Rate 8.5%. This is distributed as follows:

    • State of Illinois          5.00% 

    • City Municipal           1.00%

    • City Home Rule         1.50% (Increased 7/1/23 by 0.050% for Capital)

    • RTA                              0.75%

    • Kane County              0.25%

  • Total Qualifying Food and Drug Rate is 1.75%, distributed as follows:
    • City Municipal            1.00%
    •  RTA                             0.75%         
  • Total Titled Vehicle Rate is 7.0%.  City receives 1% of this amount

Other Tax Information:

Alcohol Tax Rate                 3.00% for Alcoholic Beverages Served and Package Sales

Hotel Tax Rate                     6.00% of 94% of Gross Rental Revenues

Local Fuel Tax Rate            $0.02 Per Gallon of Fuel Sold Within the City

Tax or Fees Not Imposed

  • The City of St. Charles does not require a real estate transfer tax or stamp
  • The City of St. Charles does not impose a natural gas tax
  • The City of St. Charles does not require vehicle stickers
  • The City of St. Charles does not require dog or cat licenses

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