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Plan a Special Event

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Thank you for your interest in holding your event in the City of St. Charles. St. Charles is the location of choice for numerous events each year that attract visitors, support our local businesses, and build community spirit.

Our staff is available to work with you for a smooth Special Event Application Process and to offer advice about the necessary requirements and available resources for a successful event.

The Special Event Planning Guide is the complete resource for planning your event. Below is some information to help you get started.

Activities that Require a Special Event Application

A Special Event Application is required for activities:

  • Taking place in public spaces, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots
  • Require the involvement of many City staff and services

Download the Special Event Application here.

When a Special Event Application is Not Required

An event that is completely contained on private property, or on public property owned by another government entity (park district, school district), does not require a City of St. Charles Special Event Application. Refer to the government agency that owns the property regarding their requirements.

Neighborhood Block Parties are regulated by the St. Charles Police Department and do not require a Special Event Application. Download the Block Party Application here.

Some Events Also Require Additional Permits

In addition to completing a Special Event Application, events that include the following activities also require a permit:

Event Approval Process

  1. Submit a Special Event Application, along with a $50, non-refundable application fee, at least 90 days prior to the event to ensure sure proper approvals are obtained and resources are available.
  2. Meet with the St. Charles Special Events Committee to discuss requested services, parking, traffic routes, hours of operation, and any other concerns. (The meeting date will be established at the time of application submittal.)
  3. Present the details of the proposed special event and answer any questions by elected officials at the appropriate public meeting to secure formal approval. (Liquor Control Commission, Government Services, City Council meeting)
  4. Upon final approval, event organizers will receive confirmation from the Police Department.

Other Helpful Resources

For more information, contact the Special Services Division of the St. Charles Police Department at 630.443.3777 or

updated Jun 20, 2022