Building Permit and Utility Connection Fees

The following fees must be paid when the application is submitted:

  • Permit fees for projects such as reroofing, replacing siding or windows, or installing a water heater, air conditioning unit or furnace. (When no plan review is needed these are issued "over the counter".)
  • Permit fees for simple projects such as signs, fences, decks, storage sheds, swimming pools and detached garages. (Plan review is required; permits can be picked up or mailed to the applicant once the plans are approved.)
  • Filing and review fees for more complex projects such as a new building or addition to a building, alterations, etc.

For the last category above, permit fees as well as connection and meter fees are calculated during plan review. These fees are due when the permit is picked up, after the plans are approved.

The links below take you to the relevant sections of the City Code.

Electric System Installation Fees

St. Charles owns and operates its own Electric Utility. Building owners or developers pay the actual cost of electric facilities required to service the property. These facilities are owned by the St. Charles Electric Utility and may be installed by the Utility, the owner or others. The Electric Utility will design the system and identify construction responsibility for each component. The design process will also estimate the Utility's installation cost prior to issuance of a permit. The applicant pays the Utility estimated cost at the time of permit issuance. If the actual cost is less, a refund will be issued. If the actual cost is more, the owner will be billed for the difference.

updated Jun 13, 2024