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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement works with citizens to resolve issues that impact the quality of life in St. Charles, including violations of the Zoning Ordinance and Property Maintenance Code. Enforcement is accomplished by routine inspections of commercial and residential areas, as well as by responding to citizen complaints. Typical issues addressed by Code Enforcement include:

  • Illegal signs
  • Junk vehicles or vehicle parts stored outdoors
  • Accumulation of trash or garbage
  • Outdoor sales of merchandise without a permit
  • Non-permitted business activities in a home
  • Lack of maintenance of fences, doors, windows, etc.
  • Failure to obtain a permit when required
  • Pet waste, too many pets

If you see something that may need Code Enforcement attention, submit a Service Request or call 630-377-4406

Submit a Service Request through St. Charles Connect

updated Feb 09, 2024