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Scam Alerts

Caller Offers Refund for Overpayment of Utility Bill

We have reports of an automated call claiming to be from the City of St. Charles, contacting residents about a refund due to overpayment of their utilty bill. The call instructs residents to "Press 1" to provide information to receive a refund. The call shows a (773) area code. Please know that this is a fraudulent call. The City never uses automated calls to contact residents.

If  you receive a call claiming to be from the City and you were not expecting a call from us (or are not sure it’s really from us), the best thing to do is hang up and notify the St. Charles Police Department at 630.377.4435. 


Electric Disconnection Scam

Residents have reported getting a phone call from a company claiming to be ComEd. The caller says the resident's electric service is scheduled for immediate disconnection and that the resident must go to a convenience store and purchase a specific kind of pre-paid cash card in the amount of $500. If you are contacted about your electric services and the caller demands payment or threatens electric disconnection, hang up and notify the St. Charles Police Department at 630.377.4435.

How the City's electric services/billing works:

  1. The City of St. Charles maintains its own electric utility. Any contact about your electric services will come from the City of St. Charles Utility Billing office.
  2. We never threaten immediate disconnection unless payment is made during the phone call.
  3. We do not accept payment with pre-paid money cards, gift cards, or wire transfers.
  4. The City’s Utility Billing division will never call after hours or on a weekend. We only call during our regular office hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

If you ever have questions about your rates or bill, call our Utility Billing Office directly at 630.377.4426 or email


Man Posing as City Worker

Please help us spread the word about a local scam a resident has reported. A man shows up in a white truck saying he is from the City to “check the water.” He charges $50 to run the faucets in the house to let the resident know “the water is safe.” Please know that this person is not connected with the City of St. Charles in any way. If someone comes to your home, saying they are from the City and asks to come in to do any kind of work for cash, contact the St. Charles Police Department at 630.377.4435.

How our City crews work:

  1. Our employees never ask for any form of payment.
  2. If work is scheduled in your area, you will receive a notice—either a letter on City stationery mailed to you or a door hanger with the City logo.
  3. Our employees drive vehicles with the City logo on it.
  4. Our employees wear a City-issued photo ID.
  5. If you ever have a question about a City project, call us at 630.377.4400.  


COVID Unemployment Benefit Scam

The St Charles Police Department has received reports from residents who received unemployment benefits in the form of a KeyBank debit card even though they never applied for unemployment benefits. At least one resident has received a debit card in the name of a deceased relative. If this happens to you, please report it as a fraud immediately to the Illinois Department of Employment Security at since your personal information may have been compromised and you may be a victim of identity theft. You also can file a report with St. Charles Police by calling 911 and an officer will contact you. We also recommend that you monitor your credit report for any fraudulent activity.


Callers with Fake City Caller ID

We have received reports that people are getting calls from scammers that show caller ID with phone numbers from the City of St. Charles.

If  you receive a call from a City phone number and you were not expecting a call from us (or are not sure it’s really from us), the best thing to do is hang up and call that number back. 

These are likely spoofing calls. Scammers bypass call blockers and use spoofing to pose as a bank, business, or government.

Additionally, the IDPH warns residents about fraudulent COVID-19 contact tracing calls as the state ramps up its contact tracing efforts. IDPH has stated that no legitimate contact tracer will ever ask for payment or a person’s Social Security number. Contact tracers will only call to report that an individual may have come into contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 and should consider getting tested.

For further questions or to report a spoofing call, please call the Police Dept. Non-Emergency Number at 630-377-4435.


Social Security Scam Alert

We have heard that residents have received Social Security scam phone calls with the caller ID displaying St. Charles Police Department. The most recent call was from someone in Highland Park. Please share this information and report any suspicious calls to the Police Department 630.377.4435.


Electric Utility Phone Scam Alert

Calls Falsely Displaying as the City of St. Charles 

The St. Charles Utility Billing office has received reports from residents of scammers posing as representatives of the City. The scam caller ID number has been falsely displaying as the City's main 630.377.4400 number.

The callers have left voicemails which are incomplete, stating "electric bill is overdue, here's your reference number. You need to call immediately." 

The voicemail provided each resident with the identical reference number of IL814057 and directed the residents to call back the number 630.381.4057. If you receive a phone call of this nature, do not call back the number provided.

Any contact about your electric services will come from the City of St. Charles Utility Billing office, and the City never demands immediate payment over the phone. If you are contacted about your electric services demanding payment or offering special rates, do not give out any personal or financial information. Hang up and notify the St. Charles Police Department at 630.377.4435.

If you ever have questions about your rates or bill, call our Utility Billing Office directly at 630.377.4426 or email


IRS Scam Warning

The City has received multiple calls in the last few days from residents who stated they were contacted by somebody purporting to be from the Internal Revenue Service. 

The callers stated that residents owe the government money, and they needed to comply or they would be arrested, perhaps within the hour. Be aware that this is a scam, and has been prevalent for some time. The scam involves scare tactics typically directed toward senior citizens.

This scam has been seen across the country for several years, but incidents seem to spike during tax season. Those who make the calls are reported to be extremely rude, threatening and demanding. Residents should know that the IRS, or any other government entity, does not operate in this manner. Some type of mail correspondence would be sent rather than a phone call. Receiving this type of call should be an immediate red flag. Residents should also ask themselves the following:

  • Why would the government want payment on a Green Dot card versus a personal check?
  • Have you heard from an accountant or family member that you may owe money?
  • If the caller states they are with the St. Charles Police Department, why would a local police department become involved in personal finances?

Offenders are able to “spoof” phone numbers using Voice Over Internet Protocol, which allows phone calls to be placed over the Internet. By spoofing a phone number scammers are able to make it appear via Caller ID that they are calling from a police department or the IRS in Washington, D.C.

Residents should not allow themselves to be bullied by these offenders, and should hang up on them immediately. If there ever is a question as to the legitimacy of a government phone call, contact should be made by the resident to that agency, or contact the St. Charles Police Department for assistance. If you feel you have been a victim of this scam please contact the SCPD to make a report. The IRS does track these reports and is actively working these fraud cases. For additional information please contact: Officer Bill Tynan 630-443-3847. 

All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


updated Aug 31, 2020