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City Council - Aldermen

Information About Elected Officials

St. Charles has an Aldermanic-City form of government, which consists of 10 Aldermen, a Mayor and a City Administrator. The Aldermen and Mayor are elected officials who serve four-year terms on the City Council. The City of St. Charles is divided into five wards. Two Aldermen from each ward are elected to represent their ward on the City Council and serve staggered terms. The City Clerk and City Treasurer are elected at large.

The City Council is responsible for establishing policy, passing ordinances, adopting the budget, and the mayor shall appoint the city administrator and department directors with the advice and consent of the city council. Other offices and vacancies are filled by appointment by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council.

Members of the City Council receive compensation for their service but do not have offices or regular office hours at City Hall. Their contact information is listed below. Mail should be directed to their attention at the City, 2 E. Main Street, St. Charles, IL 60174.

The City of St. Charles is a home rule municipality.

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Ward Maps

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Default meeting location: 
Council Chambers, City Hall
2 East Main Street
St Charles, IL 60174
Meeting frequency: 
First and third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers

Member Term

Member Term: 
4 years

Clerk and Treasurer

Contact Email Term Expires
Nancy Garrison Nancy Garrison City Clerk (630) 513-3059 2023
John Harrill John Harrill City Treasurer (630) 596-7419 2023


Contact Email Term Expires
Dan Stellato Alderman Ward 1 (630) 346-4551 2023
Ronald Silkaitis Alderman Ward 1 (630) 584-1904 2025
Rita Anne Payleitner Alderman Ward 2 (630) 377-7530 2023
Ryan Bongard Ryan Bongard Alderman Ward 2 (847) 840-5239 2025
Todd Bancroft Alderman Ward 3 (630) 443-7974 2023
Alderman Paul Lencioni Paul D. Lencioni Alderman Ward 3 (630) 890-5739 2025
Alderman David Pietryla David A. Pietryla Alderman Ward 4 (630) 803-8534 2023
Alderman Bryan Wirball Bryan Wirball Alderman Ward 4 (847) 373-7553 2025
Alderman Ed Bessner Ed Bessner Alderman Ward 5 (630) 802-8824 2023
Alderman Steve Weber Steve Weber Alderman Ward 5 (630) 774-6908 2025

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