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Property Tax Information

The best, most comprehensive information on residential property taxes can be found right on property tax bills. The bills contain a breakdown of the amounts distributed to each taxing body and a comparison of last year's rates to the current year. Click here for more information.

Setting Property Taxes

The process begins in December, when the City approves its tax levy ordinances. A tax levy is the total amount of money the City needs to raise through property taxes. The City's Accounting Division works closely with the county to obtain the most accurate estimates possible for the levy, which will ensure the least amount of fluctuation of actual tax distribution later on. The City's levy ordinances set a percentage, which is the percentage of taxes detailed on property tax bills that is actually collected and distributed back to the City for municipal services. The City does not determine the dollar amount of taxes collected, but rather the percentage. Contact the Finance Department for copies of the tax levy ordinances or any questions about taxes at (630) 377-4914 or The process continues in January with an assessment. The St. Charles Township Tax Assessor's Office determines the market value for property, and then assesses the property for 1/3 of that market value. The assessed value is then used to apportion the tax burden over all property owners. Additional information on property within St. Charles Township and assessments may be found on the St. Charles Township Tax Assessor's web site at

Collecting Property Taxes

Taxes are collected by the Kane County Tax Extension Office, a division of the Kane County Treasurer. The tax levy ordinances approved by the City are filed with Kane County. The Tax Extension Office then uses the assessments from the St. Charles Township Assessor and the levies from the various taxing bodies to issue the property tax bills, collect the taxes, and distribute the appropriate funds back to the City and other taxing bodies. Additional information on property tax bills can be found on the Kane County Treasurer's web site at

updated Jul 29, 2021