Brush Pick-Up

Brush Pick-Up Schedule - 2020

The Brush Pick Up program includes the months of April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November. Only residents that pay an additional monthly fee on their utility bill are eligible. Review your City utility bill to see if this fee is included, check My Neighborhood or call Utility Billing at (630) 377-4426 for verification.

2020 Brush Pickup Schedule
East Side             West Side
April 20                 April 27

May 18                 May 26

June 15                June 22

July 20                 July 27

Aug 17                 Aug 24

Sept 21                Sept 28

Oct 19                 Oct 26

Nov 16                Nov 23

Brush should be put out before 7am on Monday of the scheduled pick up week.  *** Please note, it can take the entire week for pick up to be completed. 

Branches must be on the parkway, in front of your house or along the frontage where refuse/recycling is collected.  Please place cut ends facing the street, and branches must be at least 3 feet in length and less than 12 inches in diameter.

Do not tie bundles of brush with rope or wire and do not pile higher than 4 feet.

Please make every attempt not to park in front of the piles; crews will be unable to pick up the brush.

Tree trunks/stumps: If you take down a whole tree, please be aware that the maximum size that the crew has the ability to pick up is 12” in diameter by 12’ long.  Anything larger or longer would need to be cut up or split before pick-up. 

YARD WASTE PICK UP:  Yard Waste collection will resume April 6-7 on your regular refuse days.  Small branches, trimmings and leaves: These items can be placed in a generic brown paper yardwaste bag and place one refuse sticker on each bag.


updated Mar 02, 2020

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