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Tri-City Ambulance Service

Tri-City Ambulance Service (TCA) is an intergovernmental agency with members consisting of the City of St. Charles, City of Geneva, City of Batavia, Geneva Township and Batavia and Countryside Fire Protection District. The Service oversees the provision of ambulance service to the region that is cost effective and mutually beneficial to the communities involved.

TCA operates five frontline ALS licensed ambulances and three reserve units. They are housed within the fire stations of the three cities that are members of TCA. The five frontline units are available to respond to all residents of the TCA response area at any time, regardless of the community where they are housed. TCA is a 911 emergency response ambulance service and is not included in any network or has any agreement with private insurance companies.

TCA is supported by contributions from the member agencies which are collected as part of their general tax levy. In addition, a user fee is applied to those who have the occasion to require service. There is a basic transport fee plus a mileage fee and a charge for certain procedures performed during care by the paramedics. A non-transport fee is also charged to those who require advanced life support care, but who do not need to be transported to a medical facility. Higher fees are charged to those who are non-residents of the TCA response area.


Fee Structure Effective May 1, 2020





Basic Life Support^



Advanced Life Support 1^^



Advanced Life Support 2^^^



     * Lift Assist Fee Billed to Assisted Living/Skilled Nursing Facilities: $250.00

Treat/ No-Transport






Blood Glucose Monitor$ 5.00

$ 5.00

Mileage$17.50 per mile

$18.00 per mile

^BLS - Basic Life Support care, minor treatment

^^ALS - Advanced Life Support: IV, cardiac monitoring, medication administration

^^^ALS2 - Advanced Life Support as above with two or more medications given or intubation

For billing questions please call 847-577-8811x288.
updated May 14, 2020


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