Solicitor Applications

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Time Period Covered

Whether Commercial or Charitable, the registration is good only for the time period the solicitor indicates on the registration form.

The time period is subject to review for those Solicitors indicating a term longer than a few weeks.

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Guidelines for Solicitor and Handbill Distribution


  • are required to register in writing with the Police Dept and pay a non-refundable $50 fee.
  • must display Police-issued solicitor badge prominently at all times.
  • are NOT to solicit unless their registration has been reviewed by, and they have received approval from, the Police Dept.
  • are to solicit only between 9:00AM and 7:00PM.
  • are NOT to solicit where a sign saying 'No Solicitors' (or of similar meaning) is displayed.
  • are NOT to solicit on Sundays, State, or National holidays.
  • are NOT to solicit within 500ft. of the property line of an elementary or secondary school.
  • The Police Department does not sponsor any solicitors.


  • may be distributed to private premises, provided they are affixed (i.e.: attached to the doorknob).
  • may be handed to a willing recipient (driver or passenger of auto) in private parking lots (with permission of property owner).
  • are NOT to be posted anywhere on public property.
  • are NOT to be placed in or on mailboxes.
  • are NOT to be left on or attached to automobiles on public or private property.
  • are NOT to be left on private premises which are uninhabited or vacant.
  • are NOT to distribute material deemed to be objectionable or offensive.

Commercial Solicitors

There is a $50 non-refundable fee (cash or check) for solicitors representing commercial companies (non-charity).


  • $50 cash or check (made out to City of St. Charles) for each person soliciting
  • Completed Commercial Solicitor form for each person soliciting
  • Driver's License or State I.D. for each person soliciting
  • Must wait for approval phone call before beginning solicitation. (There is a short waiting period, from a few hours to a day or so, until the background check is completed and approval is given.)

Charitable Solicitors

There is no fee.


  • A copy of the statement from the Attorney General's office that they are representing a compliant charity.
  • Completed Charitable Solicitor form. (Multiple solicitor names can be written on the one form.)
  • Driver's License or State I.D. for each person soliciting

For charitable solicitors, there is no waiting period other than compliance with the requirements described above.


updated Nov 11, 2020