Commercial Corridor and Downtown Business Economic Incentive Program Application

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The City of St. Charles is a motivated partner in helping to preserve our existing downtown building stock, fill vacancies, and attract new businesses to St. Charles.  To assist with these efforts, City Council has created the Commercial Corridor and Downtown Business Economic Incentive Program.  This program is designed to help both new businesses locating to St. Charles and existing businesses interested in expansion or relocation.  The program offers 50/50 matching awards for structural modifications, plumbing and electrical repairs as well as life safety upgrades such as fire sprinklers and alarms. The leasable space must be located on the 1st floor of commercial buildings in the Downtown district and commercial properties located along Route 64, Route 38 and Randall Road.  (Please see the program's Boundary Map for exact program eligible properties).  

The available award can be up to as much as $25,000, subject to City Council approval.

If you are interested in this program please click on the Program Application to see the entire list of program details and requirements.


updated Jul 10, 2020