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Flashing Pedestrian Signs Alert Drivers to People Waiting to Cross the Road

Flashing Pedestrian Signs are installed at crosswalks where there is no traffic light to stop traffic and give pedestrians a Walk Sign to cross the street. When pedestrians are ready to cross, they push a button that activates flashing orange lights around the sign.

In St. Charles, these signs are installed at three locations:

  1. Kirk Rd. & Stadium Dr. near St. Charles East High School Stadium
  2. Dunham Rd. at Dunham Place, also near East High School
  3. Peck Rd. & Springfield Way near Otter Cove Aquatic Park.

“The lights alert drivers that someone waiting to cross,” said Deputy Police Chief Erik Mahan. “Illinois law requires all drivers to stop for pedestrians entering a crosswalk. So please be aware of this when you are out driving.”

For more information, contact Commander Mahan at 630.377.4435.

created Sep 30, 2016 updated Jun 22, 2021