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Find Free Parking Downtown

There is a healthy choice of entertainment, dining, and natural attractions that brings many people to our lively downtown. More people means more cars navigating downtown parking spots. So it’s helpful to know that there are more than 1,500 (1,519 to be exact) free public parking spaces downtown. And they are all within walking distance of a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Click here to see our downtown parking maps.

Where to Find Open Spots Downtown

While it’s true you may not be able to park right outside your favorite restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night, available parking is usually just a short walk away. With the natural beauty of the Fox River, and historic structures like the Arcada, Municipal Building, and Hotel Baker, you can take in the unique sights and scenery of St. Charles along the way.

East of the River

Parking in the southeast area (south of Main St. & east of the river) tends to fill up quickly. Some alternative parking options:

  1. Cross Main St. to the north. The two lots outside the former Police Station along Riverside Avenue usually have open spots.
  2. There are two lots just north of Main Street off of 3rd Ave. that often have spots available.

West of the River

Parking in the northwest area (north of Main St. & west of the river) tends to fill up quickly. Some alternative parking options:

  1. Cross Main St. to the south. One lot off of 2nd St. and two lots off of Walnut St. have available parking.

1st Street

  1. The top two levels of the five-story parking garage usually have open spots, even when the lower floors are full.
  2. Lower level of the Klinkhamer Parking Deck has available parking. So check out those spots if the upper deck is full.

Click here to see a map. Circled areas illustrate where available parking often can be found.

Because parking is an important amenity for our downtown, the City is always monitoring parking utilization. As our downtown continues to adapt to current development, we will continue to revisit parking availability often to ensure it aligns with both current and future demand.

updated Aug 19, 2021