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Fox River Rescue

Motor Vehicle Accident

At 12:33 PM on 12/08/2021, St. Charles Fire and Police units responded to the report of a car into the Fox River. Geneva and South Elgin Fire Departments also responded to assist.

The vehicle was in the river near the 200 Blk. of N. Riverside Ave. Upon arrival, first responders found a four-door sedan in the river approximately 25 feet from the river wall. The vehicle was partially submerged with part of the passenger compartment above water. The vehicle appeared to have one occupant. St. Charles Fire Fighters entered the water and made contact with the driver (female 62 years-of age). The driver was conscious with no apparent injury. They secured the driver and transported her to land with use of a small boat. Once on land she was treated by paramedics and transported to Northwestern Delnor Hospital for evaluation due to the exposure in the cold water.

The vehicle was then hoisted out of the water and towed from the scene. It appears the vehicle left the road way in a parking area located in the circle drive at the north end of N. Riverside Ave. St. Charles Police are investigating the accident. The cause for the vehicle leaving the roadway has not been determined at this time.

Our Police and Fire teams are prepared for this type of rescue situation. Our Fire Department regularly performs river rescue training using a specially designed inflatable apparatus that allows firefighters to reach stranded victims and bring them to safety.

created Dec 08, 2021 updated Jan 06, 2022