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St. Charles Water Named Best Drinking Water in Kane County

A panel of judges - all retired water operators/managers - picked St. Charles’ water as best in a blind taste test at the Kane County Water Association’s annual water-tasting contest Dec. 15, 2022. The City of St. Charles is committed to providing safe, reliable, water to its customers. That's why we are so excited that St. Charles has been named the Best Drinking Water in Kane County! 

Providing water is an essential City service and maintaining our water quality is fundamental to the quality of life for our residents. City water consistently meets or exceeds all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests for quality standards. Our annual Water Quality Report is always available to read on the City website.

In St. Charles, our water is drawn from underground wells, which can pose certain challenges with "hardness" because of the varying levels of minerals which naturally occur in the water. Our Water Division works very hard to be sure our water is the best it can be. We are very proud to earn this recognition.

    updated Apr 05, 2023