Pheasant Run TIF District

On March 14, 2022 the City of St. Charles approved an inducement resolution to express the City’s intent to establish a Tax Increment Financing District at the former Pheasant Run Resort property. Following the approval of the inducement resolution the City approved a contract with Kane-McKenna to prepare a TIF Redevelopment Plan and Project and coordinate the TIF adoption process. On August 26, 2022 a copy of the City of St. Charles Pheasant Run Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Plan and Project Report was placed on file at the City Clerk office. The Report can also be found here.


Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Project Area Interested Parties Registry

Pursuant to section 5/11-74.4-4.2 of the Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act (65 ILCS 5/11-74.4-4.1 et seq.) (the “Act”), the City of St. Charles (the “City”) is required to establish an Interested Parties Registry (“Registry”) for each Tax Increment Financing (“TIF”) Redevelopment Project Area created pursuant to the Act, whether existing as of the date of this notice or hereinafter established.  The City has adopted an Ordinance authorizing the establishment of such registries by the City Clerk (“Clerk”) and adopting Registration Rules for such registries.  The purpose of this notice is to inform Interested Parties of the Registries and Registration Rules and to invite Interested Parties to participate in the Registry of a Redevelopment Project Area(s) in St. Charles.

Any individual or organization interested in obtaining information pertaining to activities within a particular Redevelopment Project Area(s) is entitled to register in the appropriate Registry.  Organizations include, but are not limited to, the following: businesses, business organizations, civic groups, not-for-profit corporations and community organizations.

An Interested Parties Registry has been or shall be created for the following proposed TIF Redevelopment Project Area:

                                           Pheasant Run Redevelopment Project Area

 An individual or organization seeking to register as an Interested Party with respect to the above-listed Redevelopment Project Area must complete a registration form, available at the Office of the City Clerk located at the St. Charles City Hall, Two East Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois 60174.  Completed forms may be returned by mail or in person to the Office of the City Clerk.

Upon registration, Interested Parties will be entitled to receive all notices and documents required to be delivered under the Act and the City’s Registration Rules with respect to the Redevelopment Project Area.  The Clerk will provide written notice to the registrant confirming such registration.  If the Clerk determines that a registrant’s registration form is incomplete or does not comply with the Registration rules adopted by the City, the Clerk will give written notice to the registrant specifying the defects.  The registrant will be entitled to correct any defects and resubmit a new Registration Form.  An Interested Party’s registration will remain effective for a period of three years.  Rules for the renewal or amendment of an Interested Party’s registration are included with the Registration Form that may be obtained as described herein.

Interested Parties will be sent the notices and other information to which they are entitled under the Act and the City’s Registration Rules with respect to the applicable Redevelopment Project Area.

Registration forms can be found below under Related files or picked up at the Office of the City Clerk, Two East Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois 60174.  Registration forms will not be mailed, emailed or faxed.  For more information, please call the Office the City Clerk at (630) 377-4422.

Dated:   June 25, 2022

    Nancy Garrison           

    City Clerk

    City of St. Charles