Riverside Culvert Replacement Project

7th Avenue Creek has a history of flooding, which has damaged homes and overtopped roadways, creating hazardous conditions and road closures. In 2021 the City completed the first significant construction project to mitigate flooding in the creek. In 2023 the City will be performing the next step in flood mitigation, replacing the culvert under Riverside Ave (IL-25). This culvert is significantly undersized which may result in the creek overtopping the road during flood conditions. A larger culvert will reduce the risk of overtopping and will also set the stage for future upstream improvements by increasing drainage capacity at the creek’s outlet.

The culvert replacement project will begin with tree removal in March of 2023. In order to protect the endangered Northern Long Eared Bat, tree removal must be completed before April. The remainder of the project including culvert replacement, grading work, and restoration will take place in the late summer/early fall.

Active Project

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