UV Disinfection Rehabilitation Project

Notice of Public

The City of St. Charles intends to submit a loan application to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency seeking funds to complete the UV Disinfection Rehabilitation Project. Section 365.330 of the Illinois Procedures for Issuing Loans from the Public Water Pollution Control Loan Program. The IEPA has determined that the proposed project may be excluded from a detailed environmental impacts review. The Agency may categorically exclude certain types of projects from environmental review if no potential for negative environmental impacts exist. This project qualifies for an exclusion because all construction will be confined to the City owned parcel of land where the existing lift station is located, which has been previously disturbed for the original construction of the facility. In addition, environmental sign-offs have been received from all applicable agencies.   

Unless new information gained from the public causes a reconsideration, the Agency will approve the project plan at the close of the public comment period.

The City of St. Charles is making available for public inspection and comments a Project Summary and Notice of Categorical Exclusion from Detailed Environmental Review. That document is available for public inspection online in the Document Collection to the right of this page. 

A public hearing will not be held for the purpose of receiving comments. Written comments on the Project Summary and Categorical Exclusion from Detailed Environmental Review Determination may be submitted at any time up to and including March 28th, 2022. Written comments may be submitted by mail  to either of the following:

Nancy Garrison, City Clerk                             George Lambert, Project Manager    

City of St. Charles                                             Infrastructure Financial Assistance Section

2 E Main Street                                                 Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

St. Charles, Illinois, 60174                              Bureau of Water

                                                                                1021 North Grand Avenue East

                                                                                P.O. Box 19276

                                                                                Springfield, IL 62794-9276

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