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Please Follow Dog Safety Regulations

Now that it’s here, everyone wants to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Man’s best friend loves being a part of the summer days just as much as we do! But be sure to be a responsible pet owner and follow City ordinances regarding dogs and pets. Below are some rules and tips to remember when handling our pets:

• The City of St. Charles has a leash law. This means any time you take your dog or pet off of owner property, it must be restrained by a proper leash or physical device as well as under the direct supervision of a competent person.

Discourage Coyotes from Making Your Neighborhood their Home

We can expect an increase in coyote sightings between now and February as young coyotes leave their parents in search of mates and territories to call their own. And, with the onset of winter, coyotes are more willing to venture out of their rural or wooded habitats and into residential areas in search of food and shelter.

While coyotes are unlikely to attack humans, they can become more aggressive if they find an area that suits their needs and they want to defend it. Tips for keeping coyotes from settling in your neighborhood:

How many pets are allowed in a building or home?

The City limits a total of three (3) dogs and/or cats in any household, apartment, or any other dwelling unit within the City. Title 6 of the City's code will provide further information. The City also requires that all dogs and cats over four months of age be inoculated against rabies.

Please also note that City Code does not allow for animals to be left outside, on a leash or otherwise restrained on the owner's property, while unattended.