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Update - 4/22/24

This week, the contractor is expected to begin mobilizing in town in the Fox Glen Dr area (Fox Glen Dr, Fox Glen Ct, Glenbriar Dr, Glenbriar Ct, and Glen Eagles Ct) and later in the week in the Forest Ridge/Huntington area (Forest Ridge Rd, Huntington Rd, Essex Ct, Sterling Ct, and Foxhill Ct). Initial construction activities will include posting of “Road Construction Ahead” (RCA) signs and concrete saw-cutting for spot repairs.

Update - 4/12/24

A preconstruction meeting was held with the contractor this week. A project schedule with street-specific phasing is still being finalized. Resident notification letters will be mailed out with more information regarding the project on 4/19. Next week, the contractor is expected to provide a project schedule for the phasing of work throughout town.

Update - 10/16/23

Anticipated construction work for the weeks of October 16 - October 30

Please note:  All work contingent on weather 

Week of October 16

Monday, 10/16/23 - Curb and sidewalk poured adjacent to the pavement replacement

Tuesday, 10/17/23 - Concrete pours in the prepared roadways sections.

Wednesday, 10/28/23 - additional pour if needed

Three days required for concrete to set-up

Week of October 23 

Monday, 10/23 - remove curb, sidewalk and pavement

Update - 9/14/23

The work on all streets for this project has been substantially completed. The Contractor will be continuing to perform final cleanup, landscaping, and other minor “punchlist” tasks in the upcoming weeks.

Update - 8/31/23

Anticipated construction work for the week of Sept 3 – Sept 9

Please Note:   All work contingent on weather

 ***There will be no work on Monday 9/4 for the Labor Day holiday

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