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Public Works

Who Plows Which St. Charles Streets?

Public Works staff closely monitors the weather and is ready to respond around the clock. The City maintains approximately 171 miles of main and secondary roads, alleys, side streets, parking lots and cul-de-sacs within City limits. But not all roads are the City’s responsibility to clear. Generally, our crews plow the downtown area and most City-owned streets. However, some roads are maintained by St. Charles Township, or State or County Departments of Transportation.

Cold Weather Can Mean Water Main Breaks and Frozen Pipes

Water main breaks are common in the colder weather, especially with the conditions we have experienced this season. To report a water main break, call the Public Works Department at 630.377.4405. If it is after hours, you will be prompted to leave a voice message in the Drinking Water mailbox. Include your phone number and address and the public works staff member on call will get back to you.

Winterize Your Water Service

Public Works frequently receives inquiries from residents on how to “winterize” a water service. You may need to winterize your home’s water service if your home will be vacant due to an extended vacation, home renovations that require having the water shut off, the sale of your home or moving from your home, etc.

To avoid frozen water pipes:

Stay Away from Downed Power Lines

We already experienced severe winter weather this season in which ice and snow brought down tree limbs on power lines. Remember, if you see a downed line, stay away. Always assume that the line is energized, even if it doesn’t appear to be. If you see a downed or sagging utility line, report it to Public Works 630-377-4405.

A Sensible Approach to Salting our Roads

In past winters, road salt has been in high demand in our area. Taking a sensible approach to salting the roads is important both economically and environmentally. Using salt efficiently reduces costs. Less salt on the roadway also means less runoff into the Fox River and less absorption into the ground.

Anti-Icing Arsenal

Our Public Works Department uses both brine and salt to keep St. Charles roads free of ice and to assist the plows in clearing the snow.

Please Check and Secure Your Mailbox

Before the first snowfall, the Public Works Department suggests you check your curbside mailboxes to be sure they are secure and stable. Please ensure your mailbox post and box are firmly anchored together, and the post is set securely in the ground. It is possible that snow may be pushed into curbside mailboxes during normal snow removal operations, and having your mailbox and post in good repair will help to avoid damage.

Winterize Your Water Service

Public Works receives numerous inquiries on how to “winterize” a water service. You may need to winterize your home’s water service if your home will be vacant due to a move/sale of your home, an extended vacation, or home renovations that require shutting off the water, etc.

Here are a few suggestions to avoid frozen pipes:

Randall Road Closures Begin October 29, 2018

Bridge repair work is scheduled to begin the week of October 29, 2018 on Randall Road between Red Haw Lane and Crane Road in St. Charles IL. One lane of Randall Road northbound and southbound over the bridge section will be temporarily closed to traffic for the duration of the repairs in order to safely and efficiently repair portions of the bridge structure over Ferson Creek. The anticipated duration for the deck repairs is approximately 5 weeks, weather permitting. This improvement is intended to extend the life of the existing bridge structure.