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Keep, Toss, Donate or Recycle

Springtime’s a Good Time to Clean Out Clutter

With spring comes spring cleaning. That usually prompts a call to us asking, “When is the City’s Spring Clean up Program?”

The Spring Clean up Program for St. Charles residents occurs every other year, pending City Council approval. We held the program last year. So 2020 is the earliest it would be offered again.

If you can’t wait until then to get rid of your stuff, we’ve assembled a list of places where you can repurpose, recycle and dispose of it:

General Items

The City Wide Garage Sale

Seasonal Water & Sewer Tips: Spring

Spring Water & Sewer Tips

  • Help Our Watershed - The City's storm sewer collection system consists of over 163 miles of piping and 8,500 structures and inlets. Water and materials that enter the storm sewer are released directly into a local stream, river or pond. Cleaning and maintaining this system is vital to the ecological health of these waterways. Everyone can help by ensuring that only storm water runs through our storm sewer system. Never put chemicals or other materials into a storm drain.