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2019 Property Tax Levy Process Information

Determining the property tax levy is a multi-step process that incorporates several public meetings which allow for resident input. That process kicks off in the fall with the presentation to the City Council of a preliminary estimate of next year's (2019) property tax levy. 

The property tax levy collected by the City helps fund 24/7 police, fire and public works services, planning, engineering and much more.

Why is it the 2019 Levy and Not the 2020 Levy?

New Taxes Implemented this Fall

Beginning Sept. 1, the City’s alcohol and hotel tax rates increase 1%, and a new local fuel tax of $0.02 per gallon sold within City limits will be implemented Nov. 1. These taxes are sometimes called “user fees” because they affect users of the items, in this case both visitors to St. Charles and residents.

These new taxes will fill an unexpected gap in our budget, caused by two continuing issues: a continuing loss of State funding and a property tax levy that has remained unchanged since 2009.

Property Tax Information

The best, most comprehensive information on residential property taxes can be found right on property tax bills. The bills contain a breakdown of the amounts distributed to each taxing body and a comparison of last year's rates to the current year.