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City Clerk

The city clerk is elected from the community at large during mayoral elections, which are every four years. The city clerk seals and attests to all contracts of the city, licenses, permits and other documents that require this formality. In addition to the record of ordinances and other records the clerk is required by statute to keep, he or she keeps a register of all licenses and permits issued, a record showing all of the officers and regular employees of the city, and such other records as may be required by the council. The clerk is also the custodian of the city seal and affixes it on documents whenever required. The clerk acts as the custodian of all documents belonging to the city that are not assigned to the custody of some other officer. He or she maintains an index to all documents and records to ensure ready access. Elections duties, as prescribed by the state statutes are conducted by the clerk, along with the issuance of official commissions. A deputy clerk is appointed in May each year and may be appointed by the city clerk to execute and seal all documents required by law or ordinance to be executed by the clerk.

Public Body: 
City Council - Aldermen
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Term Expires: 
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
updated Oct 18, 2018