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City Reception

The main City reception desk is located in the St. Charles Municipal building at 2 E. Main Street. The desk and main city phone number (630-377-4400) is staffed by two, part-time receptionists. Besides answering the phones, greeting, and directing visitors, the receptionists offer several other services:

Temporary handicapped parking placards are issued at the reception desk. Applicants need not be residents to obtain a handicapped parking placard. The temporary placards may be issued for 3 months at a time, twice maximum per person. Application forms for temporary and permanent handicapped parking placards and plates are also available at the desk. This service is offered as a convenience, and strict regulations as to the applications, placards, etc. are enforced per the Illinois Secretary of State.

An application for a permanent handicapped parking placard can be found on the Cyberdrive Illinois website. Please note that applications for permanent handicapped parking placards and plates must be submitted to the Illinois Secretary of State for processing.

Vehicle stickers are not required by the City.

Public meeting notices and agendas can be found at the reception desk, along with current job postings.

updated Jun 20, 2022