Water Quality Report

The City of St. Charles is committed to providing a continuous supply of safe, reliable and economical water to its customers. Every year the City of St. Charles Water Division distributes a report that summarizes the quality of the City’s drinking water. We are pleased to report again this year that your tap water met all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water health standards. The water is tested in accordance with strict EPA regulations, so you can be assured your drinking water is safe and meets or exceeds all water quality standards as listed in the Safe Drinking Act. Read the Water Quality Report here.

Residents can also get a copy of the report at the Municipal building or the Public Works facility.

What is a Water Quality Report?

A water quality report, also called a Consumer Confidence Report, lets you know what contaminants, if any, are in your drinking water and how they may affect your health. It lists all the regulated constituents that were detected in the water either over the preceding calendar year (2018) or the last sampling event.  The testing frequency of the constituents varies, not all are tested annually. The frequency of testing is mandated by the Illinois EPA.

For more information, contact the Illinois EPA at 217.785.4787 or the St. Charles Public Works Department at 630.377.4405 or pw@stcharlesil.gov.

updated Jun 27, 2023