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Government Services Committee Meeting

02/26/2018 - 7:00pm
Combined Packet: 
Packet Items: 
PDF icon 3.a - Electric Reliability Report - Information only 219.22 KB
PDF icon 3.b - Active River Project Update - Information only 128.55 KB
PDF icon 3.c - Tree Commission Minutes - Information only 64.11 KB
PDF icon 3.d - Phosphorus Removal and Digester Improvements Project Update - Information only 1.19 MB
PDF icon 4.a - Recommendation to approve a Resolution for the Contract and Lease Agmt with A.I.D. 509.79 KB
PDF icon 4.b - Walk to End Alzheimer's - Information only 670.2 KB
PDF icon 4.c - Recommendation to approve Street Closures & Use of First St Plaza for Heart of the Fox "Runs Tugs & Hugs " Event1.28 MB
PDF icon 5.a - Recommendation to approve Memorandum of Understanding with the Red Cross 277.25 KB
PDF icon 6.a - Schematic Design Presentation for the Police Station Project 123.02 KB
PDF icon 6.b - Presentatiaon of Proposed 2018 Roadway Projects - Information only 2.81 MB
PDF icon 6.c - Recommendation to approve Revision to Code Ch. 12 allowing Current Tree Comm to become a Natural Resources Comm 169.55 KB
PDF icon 6.d - Recommendation to approve Phosphorus Removal & Digester Improvements Project Change Order No. 1 to IHC1.12 MB
PDF icon 6.e - Recommendation to approve Advanced Disposal Proposal for 2018 Spring Clean Up and Proposed Dates 655.99 KB
PDF icon 6.f - Recommendation to award Proposal for Design Engineering for 7th Avenue Lift Station Replacement 3.43 MB
PDF icon 6.g - Recommendation to approve Award of a 2019 Peterbilt 567 Tractor & Mac Aluminum 32' Trailer to JX Peterbilt 310.07 KB
PDF icon 6.h - Recommendation to approve Sale of Items of Personal Property of by City via online Auction to Highest Bidder 229.38 KB
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