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Animals - Loud, Annoying, Dangerous, or Without a Leash

Who should I call if I see an animal without a leash, or one that is loud, annoying or dangerous? 

Call 911 to dispatch an officer to assist with animal-related issues. Please call Kane County Animal Control at (630) 232-3555 about lost/found pets.

St. Charles does have a leash law that requires all pets to be on leashes while off the owner's property.

Pet owners shall keep such animals exclusively on such owner's premises, except that any such animal may be off the premises if restrained by a substantial leash, chain, or other appropriate instrument or physical device and under the direct supervision and immediate control of a competent person.

For further information regarding the City's leash law, please reference Title 6 Animals of the Municipal Code.


updated Apr 25, 2024

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