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Animals and Pets

Leash Law, Dog Licensing, Dead Animal in Public Space, Stray/Wild Animals, Animal Bite/Noise Complaints

Animals - Loud, Annoying, Dangerous, or Without a Leash

Who should I call if I see an animal without a leash, or one that is loud, annoying or dangerous? 

Call 911 to dispatch an officer to assist with animal-related issues. Please call Kane County Animal Control at (630) 232-3555 about lost/found pets.

St. Charles does have a leash law that requires all pets to be on leashes while off the owner's property.

Pet owners shall keep such animals exclusively on such owner's premises, except that any such animal may be off the premises if restrained by a substantial leash, chain, or other appropriate instrument or physical device and under the direct supervision and immediate control of a competent person.

For further information regarding the City's leash law, please reference Title 6 Animals of the Municipal Code.


How many pets are allowed in a building or home?

The City limits a total of three (3) dogs and/or cats in any household, apartment, or any other dwelling unit within the City. Title 6 of the City's code will provide further information. The City also requires that all dogs and cats over four months of age be inoculated against rabies.

Please also note that City Code does not allow for animals to be left outside, on a leash or otherwise restrained on the owner's property, while unattended.

If you believe there is a violation of this ordinance please submit a service request.

Stray/Wild Animal

What do I do when I see a stray dog or injured wild animal in my yard or neighborhood?

DO NOT approach the animal. Try to keep your distance and if possible go into your home or other shelter where the animal cannot reach you.

Call 911

Provide the Tri-Com communications center with as much information about the animal as you can. If possible, answer the following questions:

  • What type of an animal is it? (Dog, cat, fox, opossum, skunk, raccoon, deer, coyote, squirrel)
  • What is the problem with the animal? (stray, injured, possibly dangerous)
  • Why do you think there is a problem?

An officer will be dispatched to determine the extent of the problem and whether the City of St. Charles can assist.  If not, the officer may suggest either Kane County Animal Control or a private service to resolve the problem.

Do not hesitate to dial 911 for an animal problem

For additional information regarding Kane County Animal Control, contact them at