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How do I pay a parking or ordinance violation ticket?

This information applies only to parking or ordinance violation tickets issued by the St. Charles Police Department.

The amount of the fine is identified on the parking ticket unless an appearance is required. If an appearance is required, a hearing officer will determine the fine at an administrative adjudication hearing. Fines vary depending upon the violation and the number of previous tickets for the same violation within the past 12 months. If the ticket has already been adjudicated, the fine may be higher than the amount originally identified on the ticket.

There are many ways to pay for tickets:

  • By Mail: The ticket is a self-addressed envelope and may be mailed to the City of St. Charles with your check enclosed.
  • Drop Box: You may drop the ticket, containing your cash or check payment, in any of the four City Utility Drop Boxes located conveniently throughout town. A list of drop boxes is here.
  • In Person: You may pay the ticket in person at the Utility Billing office in City Hall, 2 E. Main Street in St. Charles, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Acceptable forms of payment by the above methods are cash, personal check, or money order (please do not mail cash). If you are paying by check, please make it out to the City of St. Charles.

*Credit and debit card payments are subject to a fee of $2.65% of the total, or $1, whichever is greater.

updated Feb 03, 2023