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How do I report a fallen, damaged or diseased parkway tree or branch?

General Information

The City of St. Charles Streets Division maintains all trees in the right of way or the area commonly known as “the parkway.” The parkway is the area between the sidewalk or lot line and the curb.

The City has every right-of way tree inventoried by size, location and species. The City inspects, monitors, trims and fertilizes as needed. The City also has a pest management program if appropriate and approves removals when necessary.

Per City Code 12.20.060 only city crews or crews contracted by the City may perform these tasks. For more information, please visit the Public Trees page of the City website.

Report a Problem

To report a fallen, damaged or diseased parkway tree or branch an request an inspection, create a service request. Please indicate the street and general location of the tree.

You can also contact the Public Works Office at (630) 377-4405 or by email at They will inspect the tree and schedule any needed maintenance, treatment or replacement.

For trees on private property, the Illinois Arborist Association, (708) 960-5922, can assist with information and referrals of certified arborists. 

updated Feb 12, 2016