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Public Services Division

The Public Services Division of Public Works consists of full- and part-time employees in Streets, Stormwater Sewer, Facilities and Fleet Service Areas. This division falls under the direction of the Public Services Manager, AJ Reineking.

Streets and Facilities Service Area
The Streets service area is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvement of City streets and off-street parking lots. In addition, the Streets service area performs snow removal operations, street sweeping, street striping and signage, along with concrete curb and sidewalk improvements. Streets is also responsible for trimming and removing trees from the City parkways and annually conducts a share-the-cost tree planting reforestation for the City’s parkways.

The Facilities service area is responsible for maintaining the value and appearance of all City-owned buildings through timely and cost effective maintenance or repair of structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems as well as supplying custodial and pest control services. The goal of these efforts is to provide a safe, clean and productive work environment for the City employees and the general public.

Stormwater Sewer
The City of St. Charles has developed a Stormwater Management Ordinance. The purpose of the ordinance is to keep rainwater and snow melt water out of homes and business and to enhance local surface water quality. The Sewer Division maintains storm sewers by inspecting and cleaning them of debris. Residents can assist in these efforts by keeping leaves, grass and trash from blocking storm sewer inlets in their areas. The most secure location for stormwater that cannot be immediately transported by storm sewers is in the street. The streets in St. Charles are specifically designed to contain and route stormwater overflow

Fleet Service Area
The Fleet service area provides maintenance and repairs to all City vehicles, including dump trucks, tractors, sweepers, police squads, fire vehicles and staff cars. Operating from a 4,000 square foot maintenance facility, a staff of four technicians, under the direction of the Fleet Foreman, complete over 1,300 preventive maintenance operations and over 700 repairs each year. Areas that are continually monitored to maintain a high level of cost effective service include labor time, direct time billing and operating cost per mile.

Urban Forestry Division

The Urban Forestry Division manages the City's nearly 19,000 trees on City property. The City also offers a cost-sharing program for planting parkway trees. The 50/50 Parkway Tree Program allows residents to request additional trees for planting in the city parkways.

Inventory Control

The centralized Inventory Control Division maintains an inventory record of all materials, supplies and equipment at the City of St. Charles.