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If I previously created an online account on the old system (Paymentus) do I need to create a new online account?

Yes, effective as of February 12th, 2024 the City of St. Charles has transferred systems and will no longer offer the “Paymentus” customer portal for users. For security reasons, your current online profile cannot be transferred to the new system. Customers currently paying online through Paymentus will need to create a new profile in the City’s new portal called SilverBlaze and set up payment methods (online fees still apply).

Effective as of February 13th, 2024 our new customer portal, “SilverBlaze” is live for customers to create their new online account. Please note that you will need your new City of St. Charles utility account number (Ex: 00123456-00), an email address, and your name (as it appears on your utility bill).

updated Feb 13, 2024