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Make Safe Internet Transactions and Child Custody Exchanges

At the Police Station

The St. Charles Police Department has designated two parking spots outside the police station at 1515 W. Main Street to safely conduct internet purchase transactions and child custody exchanges. The spots are indicated with signage. The lobby of the police station will continue to serve as a safe place for conducting these transactions as well.

Both the lobby and parking spots are monitored by security cameras, and their close proximity to police personnel means residents can meet there with confidence.    

“The Internet Purchase and Custody Exchange locations are electronically recorded,” said Police Chief James Keegan. “When exchanging property via the internet and not using a mail service, or when custody exchanges are contentious, we encourage you to choose the police station as a safe and secure location to do so.”

For more information about the safe exchange locations or internet safety, contact the police department at 630.377.4435.

Internet & Child Custody Exchange Sign at PD

created Jul 10, 2017 updated Jul 01, 2021