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Public Power Week Celebrates Local Service

Oct. 4-10, 2020

Since 1892, St. Charles has operated its own electric utility. It is one of 2,000+ community electric utilities nationwide that provides not-for-profit electric service to its citizens. National Public Power Week recognizes electric utility staff for operating and maintaining reliable, efficient electric service. 

What are the Benefits of Having a Local Power Utility? 

1. We work for each and every resident and business of St. Charles, not a group of shareholders. 

Overnight Parking for Recreational and Commercial Vehicles

The City does not ban parking on city streets overnight for most vehicles. There are, however, restrictions on parking Recreational and Commercial vehicles overnight. 

Which vehicles are allowed to park on City streets overnight? 

One passenger car or a truck with a “B” license plate, such as a pickup truck. 

How long can allowed vehicles be parked on the street? 

No longer than 24 hours. 

Which vehicles are not allowed to park overnight? 

Storm Sewers and Leaves Don't Mix

When preparing your leaves for collection, do not place the leaves on the street. This is a violation of City code and residents may be subject to a fine up to $500. The public storm system plays a vital role in protecting our properties and roadways from flooding during rain events. The system’s ability to effectively convey storm water runoff during heavy rains can be compromised due to leaves and litter being washed down the street in a rain storm and plugging the grates and inlets.