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City Interns Tell All:

What it’s Like Interning at the City

Students will be returning to school soon and we thought it was a good time to hear from our interns about their experiences working for the City. We offer both undergraduate and graduate internships in a variety of departments. We’re proud to mentor next gen workers in their fields: Communications, Human Resources, Law Enforcement, and Public Works/Civil engineering. Hear from our interns in the latest post on our Inside St. Charles blog.

Discussion about Cannabis at Aug. 5, 2019, Government Operations Meeting

7 p.m., City Council Chambers, 2 E. Main St.

The possession and private consumption of cannabis by people 21 or older for recreational use will be legal in Illinois beginning Jan. 1, 2020. However, municipalities may choose whether or not to allow retail cannabis stores in their communities. Cities also may limit how many stores are allowed and where they can be located.

Students Head Back to School Soon

Drive with Extra Caution

St. Charles students will be back in school Aug. 14, and we want to remind all drivers to proceed with extra caution. Watch out for children who will be out walking or riding to school, as well as standing at bus stops, especially during morning rush hour. Please keep them in mind and for their safety, never pass a stopped school bus when its lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended.

Also remember that it is always illegal to text while driving or talk on a handheld cell phone.

Could You Spot a Phony City Facebook Page?

Be Aware of a Fake Facebook Page Commenting as the City

There is a fake Facebook page that has been commenting as the City of St. Charles on Facebook. Please be aware if you see any off-color comments, it is not the City making those statements. Two versions of the page have been shut down. But it’s possible another attempt will be made to bring it back in yet another form, modified just enough to fool Facebook.

How Can You Tell the Real City Page from the Fake Page?

Helping Monarch Butterflies

Submitted by the Natural Resource Commission

We’ve all been there. Find a monarch caterpillar, collect it in a jar, raise it on milkweed and then…well, then the wait begins. One week, two weeks we spend, waiting patiently for the butterfly to emerge and take flight. But then, oh! Let the joy commence!