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Indoor Dining, In-person Public Meetings Resume

Governor Announces Illinois is in Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan

The City of St. Charles is resuming in-person public meetings following Governor J.B Pritzker’s announcement that our area has moved into Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan Phase 4 allows more industries to reopen, including indoor dining at restaurants, when appropriate Phase 4 health and safety guidelines  are followed.

In-Person Public Meetings Resume

Water Safety in Buildings with Prolonged Vacancies

Safety measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 have left buildings empty for extended periods of time. A lack of usage increases water age and stagnation inside the building’s plumbing. This water can become unsafe to drink or use as the water ages and pipes corrode, sediment accumulates, and disinfectant levels decrease. Harmful pathogens such as Legionella can grow when disinfectant levels decrease and hot water temperatures drop. Turning on water for immediate public use after extended periods of not being used can be dangerous to public health if not properly managed.

Help Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

St. Charles has a robust program for combating mosquito outbreaks, which includes surveillance, monitoring, and larval and adult mosquito control.

What you can do:

1. Discard old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles, or any containers sitting outside that hold water.

2. Drain low lying areas in the yard holding water. Before filling in any low lying areas, please contact the Community Development Department at 360-377-4443 to make sure there are no permitting requirements or drainage concerns by doing so.

Fishing Line Can Harm Wildlife

Submitted by Tom Galante, Natural Resources Commissioner

The Fox River and numerous creeks, ponds, and nearby lakes bless St. Charles, the “Pride of the Fox.” Enjoying our waterways before, during, and after these days of social distancing, by fishing has been acknowledged and encouraged as a healthy and acceptable form of recreation regardless of zones or phases. Fresh air, nature’s beauty, the great outdoors, sounds perfect, right?

Important Facts about Falls for Seniors

Important Facts about Falls for Seniors

One out of four older adults falls each year. When falls result in injury, medical treatment can be costly, and it can make it hard for the person to perform everyday activities or live on their own. The St. Charles Fire Department wanted to share this important information to help older adults prevent a fall.

How Seniors can Help Prevent a Fall

Talk to Your Doctor

From the Mayor's Desk


Peaceful dialogue has always existed in our community. Recently, dialogue by citizens and businesses with the Mayor, Police Chief and some Council Members took place regarding recent Black Lives Matter events, and has been ongoing after. The Mayor and the Police Chief continue to engage citizens on an individual basis.

Much of the conversation has focused on police standards of conduct particularly as it relates to the use of force.

Older Electric Meters are Being Replaced

There are homes in some of areas of the City that still have older, mechanical-dial electric meters. The City is in the process of replacing those old meters with newer solid-state digital electric meters. The new meters are easier to read and less prone to breaking down, which can lead to inaccurate billing. Also, the new meters are not wireless, and do not operate on any waveforms or bandwidth.