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Be Neighborly When it Snows

Keep Sidewalks and Hydrants Clear

If you know of someone who needs assistance with keeping their sidewalk or driveway clear, pitch in and help them out. If there is a fire hydrant close to your property, remember to help our firefighters by shoveling snow in a three-foot radius around the hydrant to keep it quickly accessible in case of emergency.

Restoring Local Funding

The City of St. Charles has joined other municipalities in urging Springfield to restore local revenue payments, known as the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF). The State promised 10 percent of total income tax collections to municipalities on a per capita basis. But in recent years, the State has reduced the LGDF to 6.06 percent. In St. Charles, LGDF accounts for 8 percent of our annual operating budget. If you would like to help restore this funding to St. Charles, contact your legilslators.

Keep Lawn Debris Away from Streams

As we look forward to warmer weather it is important to remember that keeping smaller ditches and streams free of debris can dramatically improve the flow of water from low lying areas. This includes the clearing of obstructions such as fallen trees, leaves and beaver dams. Please note: It is illegal to dump materials into waterways and violators may be fined. 

A Change for The Den Newsletter

With a new year, comes new opportunities. For us, that means simplifying the way we deliver our news to you.

We have an active subscriber base whom we email our monthly online news to each month. And we have listened to your suggestions on how to improve it. Over the last several months of 2021, we streamlined our online news format to make it easier for you to scroll through topics and get to the news you want more quickly. We also added more graphics to make it more visually engaging.

Discourage Coyotes from Making Your Neighborhood their Home

We can expect an increase in coyote sightings through February as young coyotes leave their parents in search of mates and territories to call their own. Coyotes also are more willing to venture out of their rural or wooded habitats and into residential areas in search of food and shelter in winter months. 

While coyotes are unlikely to attack humans, they can become more aggressive if they find an area that suits their needs and they want to defend it. Tips for keeping coyotes from settling in your neighborhood: 

Local Flood Awareness

St. Charles generally has not experienced wide spread damage due to flooding. However there are local flood hazard areas throughout Kane County. Flooding from the Fox River, Ferson Creek, State Street Creek, 7th Avenue Creek, and Norton Creek usually can be forecast in advance. But flash flooding along these rivers and numerous tributaries to these waterways may occur suddenly and unexpectedly. 

Know Your Winter Weather Terms

  • Wind Chill Advisory 

Wind chill temperatures could pose a threat with prolonged exposure. 

  • Wind Chill Warning 

Wind chill temperatures could be hazardous to life with prolonged exposure. 

  • Winter Weather Advisories 

Accumulations of snow, freezing rain, freezing drizzle and sleet are expected. Be careful; Winter Weather Advisories could lead to life-threatening situations. 

Determining the Property Tax Levy

Determining the property tax levy is a multi-step process that incorporates several public meetings which allow for resident input. That process kicks off in the fall with the presentation to the City Council of a preliminary estimate of next year’s property tax levy. 

The property tax levy collected by the City helps fund 24/7 police, fire, and public works services, as well as planning, engineering, and much more. 

Steps in the City’s Levy Setting Process