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Flashing Pedestrian Signs Alert Drivers to People Waiting to Cross the Road

Flashing Pedestrian Signs are installed at certain crosswalks, usually mid-block, where there is no traffic light to stop traffic or walk sign for pedestrians to cross the street.

These signs are installed at two locations in St. Charles: Kirk & Dunham roads near St. Charles East High School Stadium and Peck Rd. & Springfield Way near Otter Cove. When pedestrians are ready to cross, they push a button that activates flashing yellow lights on the sign.

However, pedestrians should only cross when it is safe to do so. The flashing lights do not require drivers to stop. But they do alert drivers that there is a pedestrian crossing or waiting to cross.

“Pedestrians should be aware that the flashing lights at these crosswalks are not the same as a traffic light,” said Traffic Safety Officer Ben Devol. “So please do not press the lights and then proceed out into the crosswalk without looking to be sure it is safe to cross. The lights alert drivers that they are approaching a crosswalk and they can expect to see a pedestrian nearby.”  

Crosswalk Lights

updated Sep 29, 2017