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A History of Public Safety

June is National Safety Month. As we continue to celebrate the City’s 185th Anniversary, we're taking a look back at our Police and Fire Departments and their service in keeping our community safe. Photos courtesy of the St. Charles History Museum.

Johnson’s store at Main St. & Rt. 31 ablaze in the summer of 1958.

St. Charles Police Officers after raiding an illegal still, circa 1920.

St. Charles fire engine circa 1895.

Earl Nippert on the first motorcycle used by the St. Charles Police Department, circa 1920.

St. Charles firefighters, circa 1915. In 1888, the St. Charles Fire Department officially was created under municipal ordinance.

St. Charles police officers, circa 1920.

Members of the St. Charles Fire Department on E. Main front of the Old Haines Junior High, circa 1920.

St. Charles police officers, circa 1950. (Left to right) Maurice Regelbrugge, George Modine (patrolman and Fire Chief), Harold Covalsky (Police Chief), and Kenneth Johnson (patrolman).

St. Charles Fire Department members on First Ave., circa 1930.

updated Jun 27, 2019