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Social Worker Supports Our Police & Fire Departments

When police officers or firefighters respond to a call and arrive at the scene, they often find that the situation requires additional professional assistance. Sometimes it’s clear that crisis intervention services for traumatized victims, mental illness, or other issues are desperately needed. That’s when the expertise of Sandra Rincon, the St. Charles Police Social Worker comes in.

Since 2014, the St. Charles Police Departments has contracted with the Association for Individual Development, an agency that provides on-call victims services 24/7, supporting both police and fire departments.

“The Police Department social worker acts as a liaison between the Department, the community, and various social services agencies that serve our residents,” said Deputy Chief Chuck Pierce. “A police social worker does not provide long term counseling, but rather assesses quality of life issues, attempts to stabilize those issues, and provides the proper referrals necessary to help long-term success of managing the issues.”

created Sep 22, 2020 updated Oct 01, 2020