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Overnight Parking for Recreational and Commercial Vehicles

The City does not ban parking on city streets overnight for most vehicles. There are, however, restrictions on parking Recreational and Commercial vehicles overnight. 

Which vehicles are allowed to park on City streets overnight? 

One passenger car or a truck with a “B” license plate, such as a pickup truck. 

How long can allowed vehicles be parked on the street? 

No longer than 24 hours. 

Which vehicles are not allowed to park overnight? 

  1. Any vehicle with a “D” license plate or higher, and vehicles such as motor homes, pop-up campers, trailers, boats, boat trailers, tow trucks, buses, cargo trucks, semi trucks, etc. 
  2. Pickup trucks equipped with a snow plow—even though they may have a “B” license plate 

Can prohibited vehicles ever park overnight on the street? 

  1. Permission may be granted by the Police Department to park one unoccupied motor home for a maximum of 48 hours on a residential street. A permit must be obtained in advance and displayed in the front windshield of the vehicle. No more than 2 permits shall be granted in any 12-month period. 

Storage of Recreational Vehicles 

Recreational vehicles may be stored outside in residential districts according to these regulations: 

  1. Only one recreation vehicle allowed per lot 
  2. A recreational vehicle must be parked on a hard surface at all times 
  3. One recreational vehicle only may be parked on a driveway or other hard surface from April 15 to October 15. From October 15 to April 15, no recreational vehicle shall be parked or stored in the required front yard or exterior side yard except for a period of 48 hours for loading or unloading. Building and Code Enforcement staff will be enforcing the front yard and exterior side yard parking restriction. 
  4. No recreational vehicle shall be parked on private property in such a manner as to impair the safety of pedestrians or vehicular traffic 

For more information, contact the Building and Code Division at 630.377.4406 or review the ordinances 17.24.120 - Commercial Vehicles and 17.24.130 - Recreational Vehicles online. 


updated Aug 31, 2021