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Check and Secure Your Mailbox

Before the first snowfall, the Public Works Department suggests that residents check their curbside mailboxes to be sure they are secure and stable. Please ensure your mailbox post and box are firmly anchored together, and the post is set firmly in the ground. It is possible that snow may be pushed into curbside mailboxes during normal snow removal operations, and having your mailbox and post in good repair will help to avoid damage.

While infrequent, if your mailbox is damaged as a result of ice and snow removal operations, please note the following Public Works Department Mailbox Policy:

  1. Only mailboxes that have been struck directly by a City vehicle or City equipment are eligible for replacement. Mailboxes damaged by snow or ice are not eligible for replacement.
  2. Commercial and residential mailboxes shall meet City standards for installation and material, in accordance with St. Charles Code, Title 12 Streets, Sidewalks, Public Places and Special Events; Chapter 12.10 Parkways; Section 12.10.30 Mailboxes.
  3. The resident or commercial property representative must notify the Public Works Department of the occurrence that caused mailbox damage within three (3) business days.  

Temporary Mailbox

  1. A representative of the Public Works Department will place a temporary mailbox [if necessary for uninterrupted mail delivery] until a determination can be made as to whether the City is responsible for the damage to the mailbox. 
  2. All temporary mailboxes placed by the City will be removed by the City and/or returned to the City no later than June first.

Mailbox Replacement or Reimbursement Procedure

  1. A representative of the Public Works Department will inspect the damaged mailbox and make a determination as to whether the mailbox was properly installed, the materials were in good condition and if the mailbox was struck by a City vehicle / equipment.
  2. If the Public Works Department representative determines the City is responsible for replacement of the damaged mailbox, reimbursement in the maximum amount of seventy-five dollars ($75) will be issued for materials to replace the mailbox.
  3. Alternately, the resident or commercial representative may choose to have the City install a standard mailbox in accordance with the specifications of Chapter 12.10.030.B.1.
  4. Residents and commercial representatives may submit reimbursement requests to the City after the new mailbox has been installed and after the new mailbox has been inspected by a representative from the Public Works Department.
  5. Requests for reimbursement should include: name, address, telephone number and the original receipt for the purchase of the mailbox and/or post.
  6. If the City makes a determination that damage to a mailbox was not caused by a City vehicle/equipment, the resident or commercial property representative will be responsible for replacement of the mailbox and all related costs. 
  7. All mailboxes shall be installed in accordance the above-referenced City standards. 

This policy is intended to facilitate resolution and provide clarity for City residents and commercial property representatives with regard to mailboxes damaged due to normal City ice and snow removal operations.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 630-377-4405 if you have any questions.

updated Nov 01, 2021