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Update - 11/12/21

Next week the Contractor will complete the final asphalt.

On Monday, the roads will be swept, and prime coat oil will be applied. The purpose of this prime coat oil is to better bind the first layer of asphalt to the second layer of asphalt. This binding of layers gives the street strength and durability.

Please note that when this prime coat oil is fresh, it is possible to track it into your driveway, garage, and home if driven or walked on. It is therefore recommended to park on nearby side streets to the greatest possible extent on Monday. However, the majority of the prime coat oil should be set within four to five hours of its initial application.

The final lift of surface will be installed on Wednesday, during which on-street parking will be prohibited on Roosevelt Street. Residents with driveways within the active work zone will have access through most of the day except for the time while asphalt is being laid directly in front of your driveway apron. Once rolling of the new asphalt has been completed, access will be restored to the driveway. This process should take approximately 15 minutes. Please be aware that you may experience delays while traveling through the jobsite. Leaving for your destination five to ten minutes early on Tuesday will guarantee your timely arrival.

Pavement striping is tentatively set for Wednesday.


created Nov 12, 2021 updated Nov 15, 2021

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